Portfolio Management Institute of Nigeria (Chartered) is duly registered with the Federal Ministry of Education and Corporate Affairs Commission as a Professional Training Body.

The Institute was primarily founded for the development of human capacity in portfolio Management. The globalization of the financial services markets has made it paramount for Professionals and aspiring professionals to develop contemporary understanding and skills in various aspects of portfolio management, this would allow for continuous relevance in the Chosen field of endeavor.

The overall objective of the Institute is to create a platform for constructive discussion and Examination of current and future trends in portfolio management, which in turn would contribute to the growth, and development of our great nation Nigeria. Established as an independent, non political/religious institution, the institute is governed by a Governing council, comprising of different professionals form different aspects in portfolio Management. We also affiliate with other institutes and organizations to have a broader view and representation in our examination of portfolio management theories.

Our membership is drawn from both the public and private sectors spreading across not only the Financial Service Industry but also other industries (we have the view that Portfolio Management is not only relevant to the financial service industry).