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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Area of Specialization/Focus

  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Creation Management
  • Investment Management
  • Project Finance Management
  • Fund/Pension Management
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Risk Management


The Institute’s activities are structured to position our members to rise above challenges in their endeavors especially in the areas of portfolio management to do this we organize:

  • Annual National Conference
  • Annual Public Lecture
  • Portfolio Managers’ Forum
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Seminars, Workshop and Symposium
  • Professional Development Courses

The Portfolio Management Institute (Chartered) is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs commission with RC: 8878482 & with The Federal Ministry of Education.

The Institute is the Leading Professional body recognized by law to engage in the Training and Development of Chartered Portfolio Management Professionals in Nigeria.

The Institute of Chartered Portfolio Management of Nigeria was established to provide professional recognition, information, insights and skills required to excel in your profession.

The overall objective of the institute is to use the platform of portfolio management to contribute creatively, sustain-ably and optimally to the activation of growth, development and poverty reduction.

The overall objective of the Institute is to create a platform for constructive discussion and Examination of current and future trends in portfolio management, which in turn would contribute to the growth, and development of our great nation Nigeria. Established as an independent, non political/religious institution, the institute is governed by a Governing council, comprising of different professionals form different aspects in portfolio Management. We also affiliate with other institutes and organizations to have a broader view and representation in our examination of portfolio management theories.

Our membership is drawn from both the public and private sectors spreading across not only the Financial Service Industry but also other industries (we have the view that Portfolio Management is not only relevant to the financial service industry).

1. News and Information:

  • Email updates
  • Newsletter – “PMI News”
  • Journal – “ PMI Journal
  • Magazine – “PMI Magazines”


  • Development through regular meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences etc.
  • Networking: the opportunity to make contact with other people passionate about
  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Creation Management
  • Investment Management
  • Project Finance Management
  • Fund/Pension Management
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Risk Management and seek support from others/exchange information
    and ideas.
  • Regular updates and opportunity to provide comment on the Newsletters, Journals or Magazines.


  • Recognition through the use of Letters after your name.
  • Membership Certificate and Annual Membership Card.



  • Indemnity Insurance available at a discounted rate for Chartered Members and above

Our Membership Grades and Qualifications:

  1. Certified Professional Fellow: a candidate for consideration for Certified Professional Fellowship shall be Managing Directors/CEO, Directors etc. of eminent achievement in the Portfolio Management Practice with 13 years and above work experience in an executive capacity.
  2. Fellowship Member: Candidate consideration for fellow membership shall be a person of eminent achievement I a prominent Managerial Position in the field of Portfolio Management Practice with 10years and above work experience
  3. Senior Member: An applicant must possess any of the following:
  • MBA, MSc degree in Arts or Sciences from a recognized Institution with at least 12 years work experience
  • BSc/HND with at least 8years work experience
  • A qualification obtained from any other recognized Professional Bodies
  1. Full Member: An applicant must possess either BSc/HND or any other qualification from other recognized professional bodies with at least 6 years work experience.
  2. Associate Members: An applicant must possess B.Sc/HND or any other qualification from any   recognized professional bodies with at least 3-5years work experience.
  3. Graduate Member: Same qualifications as in (3) above with at least 1-3 years work experience.
  4. Affiliate Member: BSc/HND undergraduates, OND or NCE Holders with work experience, will also undergo a Professional Training Course” to be organized by the Institute from time to time.
  5. Student Member: Sc/HND undergraduates who upon successful completion of their academic programme will undergo a “Proficiency Training Course” to be organized by the Institute from time to time.
  6. Corporate Membership: Interested organizations especially in the areas of Credit Portfolio Risk Management are encouraged to register to develop its staff competencies, values and professionalism and also to benefit from our arrays of programmes at a discounted rate.

Method of Application:
The application form for membership registration are also obtainable from the institute’s Office Mondays to Fridays (8am – 5pm daily).

You may also Complete the Application Online or Download it & submit along with:
a) photocopies of your credentials
b) Updated C.V,
c) Two (2) passport photographs.
d) and N 5,000 cash or payment made directly into the Institute’s account:

Zenith Bank A/C No:
1012375218 (Account Name: Portfolio
Management Institute.)

All completed hard-copy applications must be submitted to the Institute’s
office through personal submission, courier or attached to email & send to us for further processing.

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