Membership Grades:

The Portfolio Management Institute of Nigeria (Chartered) ( The Institute is a Leading Professional Body recognized by Law to engage in Training and Development of Chartered Portfolio Management Professionals in Nigeria.

The Portfolio Management Institute of Nigeria (Chartered) ( Direct Membership Registration into:

  • Fellow,
  • Senior Member,
  • Full Member,
  • Associate,
  • Graduate,
  • Affiliate,
  • Student and
  • Corporate Membership

of the Institute Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for Membership Registration of the Institute into the following categories


  1. Fellowship Member: Candidate consideration for fellow membership shall be a person of eminent achievement I a prominent Managerial Position in the field of Portfolio Management Practice with 10years and above work experience.
  2. Full Member: An applicant must possess either BSc/HND or any other qualification from other recognized professional bodies with at least 6 years’ work experience.
  3. Associate Members: An applicant must possess B.Sc./HND or any other qualification from any   recognized professional bodies with at least 3-5years work experience.
  4. Graduate Member: Same qualifications as in (3) above with at least 1-3 years work experience.
  5. Student Member: Sc/HND undergraduates who upon successful completion of their academic programme will undergo a “Proficiency Training Course” to be organized by the Institute from time to time.
  6. Corporate Membership: Interested organizations especially in the areas of Credit Portfolio Risk Management are encouraged to register to develop its staff competencies, values and professionalism and also to benefit from our arrays of programmes at a discounted rate.